MOH since its establishment in 1970 is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business. Through its evolution, MOH is listed in the Athens Exchange and considered as one of the major contributors to the Greek economy. MOH is the second crude oil refining and trading company in Greece, its market share amounts to approximately 34% of the Greek market while the company achieves 50% of the exports of the sector. MOH Refinery with its ancillary plants and offsite facilities forms the largest privately held industrial complex in Greece. It can process crude oils of various characteristics and produce a full range of high value added petroleum products, complying with the most stringent International Specifications configuration. The technological excellence of MOH is based on the high complexity (Nelson Complexity Index) of its Refinery, which is 11.54, one of highest in Europe and worldwide. Apart from fuels, MOH is the only lubricants producer and packager in Greece. The production capacity of the Refinery of MOH increased in 2010 by 25% approximately following the installation of the New Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), a capital expenditure of €180mil. With the completion of the new CDU project, the Refinery processing capacity exceeds 185.000 barrels per day or 10 million Metric Tons (MT) per year. The company implements and improves continuously an Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard, applicable to all the activities of its Refinery and has also EMAS III ER 1221:2009 compliant certificate, is certified according to the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Standard, OHSAS 18001, CE Marking for paving grade bituments according to standard ΕΝ 12591 and ISO17025 for certain types of analyses. MOH participates in many research projects and namely in biofuels coprocessing and chemical processes.

NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) is the oldest and most prestigious technical university in Greece with 9 schools. Today NTUA has more than 7000 students, employs 700 persons as academic staff and more than 2500 researchers. Based on Euro Research Ranking Data, NTUA reached 10th place in 2010 between educational organisations and 3rd position on Networking Rank (Reputation). Last year only, was coordinating or participating in 67 European projects and the last decade was funded from European Commission 400Μ€. The Laboratory of Metallurgy is part of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and has experienced significant progress the last 10 years in terms of research and development projects. Based on the same statistical data, Laboratory of Metallurgy (NTUA.LM) is ranking in the 1st position between NTUA Laboratories. Over the last 10 years the Laboratory of Metallurgy has co-ordinated and participated in more than 50 projects with partners from many industrial companies, academic and research institutes Europe wide. All this research activity of NTUA.LM resulted in publication of about 210 papers in scientific journals, national and international conferences the last ten years. The activities of the Laboratory are mainly focused on research and technology development in the field of extractive industries, including development of energy efficient processes, processing technologies for ores and industrial minerals, design, simulation and techno-economical evaluation of new production processes, design of environmental protection processes, synthesis of high added-value materials from ores and industrial minerals. The Laboratory of Metallurgy is equipped with modern equipment for physicochemical characterisations and has the necessary infrastructure to support its research and development activities.


Municipality of Rafina was established in 1994 and since 2011 has been connected with the municipal community of Pikermi. It currently extends to 41.84 and its inhabitants amount to over 16,000 inhabitants. The port of Rafina is one of the biggest and most important ports of Greece and the second biggest in Attika, mainly used for touristic and personal transportation connecting the Region of Attica and the ports of the Aegean Sea. Due to its geographical position is considered as a summer resort while it is located 28km away from the center of Athens. Municipality of Rafina is surrounded from several inactive marble and limestone quarries that need rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of the abandoned quarry could yield important benefits. These are the amelioration of the characteristics of the region and the improvement of the region’s cultural identity. At the same time the environmental impacts are minimized, through the reduction of visual intrusion. The realization of the project will be undertaken mainly by the Technical Department in cooperation to the Office of Environment and the Mayor’s Office. Main Technical Department activities are:
  • realization and overseeing of studies and works of the technical program of the Municipality, through its budget or through co-financing,
  • overseeing of constructions, repairs and maintenance of public installations and infrastructure,
  • street lighting works, as well as repair and maintenance of the mechanical/electrical equipment of municipal establishments,
  • monitoring of planning and urban reconstruction,
  • realization of surveys for the Environment protection and Climate change mitigation The Technical Department implements the environmental legislation, through studies and works that makes or oversees, and seeks the realistic conditions through which it can realize innovative proposals and actions, through its program.

POWER MEDIA PRODUCTIONS S.A. (PMP) was founded in 1991 and has 10 Smart Studios. It's the most advanced company in digital recordings, musical productions, dubbing and specialized audio editing in post-production of advertising, on radio and television. The company's clientele includes many of the largest advertising agencies and film production companies in the world (Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, BBC, Dreamworks SKG, Universal and Paramount, Warner bros, Buena Vista, Canal +, Pathe, BBC, Discovery Channel, De Agostini). PMP cooperates with several studios abroad to make recordings in real time via ISDN connection. The company, in a continuous effort to follow the developments in its field and provide high quality products and services with cutting-edge technologies, in order to remain a leader in its sector, participates and implements a series of research and technological projects investing considerable resources in both manpower and state-of-the-art equipment so as to achieve production process optimization. PMP has implemented 2 research projects in the context of the PAVE Research Greek Program (MUSIC LIBRARY, E-SERVICES), funded partially by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology in Greece. The subject of MUSIC LIBRARY project was the design & development of an innovative web based music library using knowledge technology and semantic web. The subject of E-SERVICES project was the design and implementation of a prototype e-platform for digitalization and exchange of thematic music-video content. PMP has a versatile experience in strategic communication, dissemination actions, marketing and advertising. It has also contributed in the audiovisual content creation for ELINA project, one of the BEST LIFE 2015 projects. The company is also supported by the European Affairs Directorate which has extensive experience and provides consultancy services related to proposal submission and management of EU co-funded project since 1990.



Co-funded by the European Commission
under the LIFE "Environment and Resource Efficiency" Programme